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BeyondFashionBerlin is a trade fair that has emerged from the scene for the scene. The aim is to build a platform for trade and strategic exchange, radically focused on the needs of exhibitors and visitors, following the premise that sustainability is not a trend but an attitude.

Slow Buying To ensure that both exhibitors and visitors feel comfortable and well looked after at our stand, and that they can relax and concentrate on their business, we carry out the sustainability check in advance and present the criteria transparently at all stands. For this purpose we have developed our own system, the 5P.

As a sustainable trade fair, we also pay great attention to acting responsibly in all other areas (catering, energy, stand construction, waste management, …).

The next beyondFashion BERLIN will again take place July 11-13 at Atelier Gardens (the former halls of Berlin’s Union Film Studios). There will be information booths, a visitor lounge, silent areas, as well as meeting and catering areas.

We look forward to seeing you there,
Beyond Fashion Berlin


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Flax & Loom

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Sabine Kelle, Widda

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Tina Grässli & Christian La Roche, xess baba

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Sarah Schulze, Good Lux Agency

"New circumstances require new ways. I'm excited that as a sustainable collective, we're shaping a new format in a new atmosphere." Read More "Sarah Schulze, Good Lux Agency"

Lena Nocke – BeyondBerlin

This Plattform is long overdue!! We have such a great community, let’s show everyone! Read More "Lena Nocke – BeyondBerlin"

Linda Mohrmann – agenturfairfashion

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Robert Leirer – Agentur Leirer

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