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Wild Fawn

Wild Fawn, the original ecofriendly jewellery brand which had sustainability at its heart from the very beginning. Since our founder, Emma Barnes, started Wild Fawn 7 years ago, her mission has always been to create the most transparent jewellery brand, and she’s set the bar high.

Each piece of jewellery is made in our London studio by hand with traditional silversmithing techniques, with traceable silver and gold and is now stocked in over 60 shops worldwide.

‘When I moved to London in my early 20’s, I brought all my jewellery with me that I’d inherited or was given by family members. For me, jewellery has always been so important and a way to feel connected to those I love.

In my previous life as a statistician, I used to come home and learn how to make Jewellery in the evenings. Through practicing, I ended up with lots of spare jewellery so ended up giving it to my family and friends who, much to my surprise, told me that they loved it and that I should open an online shop.

I applied to my first market, set up my website and the brand grew from there. 11 months later, I left my job as a statistician and began to work on Wild Fawn full time. It really is a dream come true.

The whole team here at Wild Fawn is on a mission to change the status quo on how jewellery is made. We empower our community through ultimate transparency, allowing them to know with certainty that the jewellery they’ve purchased was made ethically with sustainable materials. I’m so proud of our all-female team and how we are showing that conscious luxury is possible.

So many jewellery brands are back-tracking and greenwashing to match the consumer demand for more planet friendly options so I love how our customers know that we’ve been living up to those values from the very beginning. I knew that people like me wanted jewellery that’s not plated, that’s made from recycled materials and that’s made in a safe, friendly place.

Each piece is made by hand right here in London using traditional silversmithing techniques and eco-friendly silver and gold. I’m so proud of our small but mighty team of passionate women who love what we do and are constantly challenging other jewellery brands
to do better.

It’s people over profit here at Wild Fawn.’