In 1993, we set off for South America as adventurous backpackers. It was love at first sight: The continent captured our hearts with its magnificent nature, colorful culture and hospitable people. We never left again. We still spend about half of each year in Otavalo, in northern Ecuador, supporting our production and our team of about 700 knitters. In addition, we are closely involved in every step of the process, from the design phase to the dyeing and knitting of the wool to the distribution of our products. INTI focuses on products that are handmade with respect for nature, cultures and people. Stitch by stitch, each piece is lovingly crafted from high-quality materials and two needles by local knitters working from home. To us, this is the essence of sustainable fashion.

Anna Cales is the founder of Inti Knitwear. She has been working with Ecuadorian knitters since the beginning in 1993. Every year she designs a new Inti collection together with her head knitters. Everything is interwoven: living in the Netherlands, working in Ecuador, it has become a natural and wonderful way of life.

Together with Anna, Leon founded Inti Knitwear twenty-five years ago. He is the driving force behind the company. He is a master communicator, head of production and an amazing problem solver.