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xess + baba

Tina Grässli studied textile design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Zurich. She founded the label xess+baba in 1994 and has been leading the company to new successes together with her partner Christian La Roche since 2004. Among other things, with the opening of the first flagship store in Zurich in August 2004, followed in April 2013 by the second store under the name “xess+baba / First&2nd”, which opened its doors at Stadelhofen station in Zurich.

xess+baba designs two collections a year and sells the high-quality and sustainably produced knitwear for men and women in various boutiques in Switzerland and in numerous stores abroad. Tina Grässli won the sponsorship contract of the Idego Company in 2001/2, the “silver bunny” in 2004, the design award of the Swiss Television, the sponsorship award of the Federal Office of Culture and was nominated for the Design Award Switzerland in 2007. The Swiss designer and entrepreneur lives and works in Zurich.

the short story

Tina Grässli had started with her first designs in 1994 and produced them herself with her own knitting machine. The demand for these unique items quickly grew. Soon she was able to commission the first poduction under the name XESS. Together with Baba Rüegg and others she opened the colorful store “SAUS + BRAUS” in 1996 and founded the company xess+baba GmbH almost at the same time.

Today Tina Grässli works together with Christian La Roche, her longtime partner and husband. An experienced theater person, he puts things in perspective and keeps things tidy backstage.

Together they run the concept store known in Zurich
xess+baba / First&2nd, where they sell their own collection as well as second-hand clothing and second-season fashion items from other Swiss labels.