The KOMODO Story

Originally producing clothing in London, travel fever took our founder Joe Komodo to Bali and Kathmandu, where upon falling in love with these beautiful cultures, he decided to combine the artistry and skills of the locals with contemporary London life.

He created a fair and fun brand around a lifestyle that KOMODO became famous for. Club wear was a huge part of the initial story in the 90’s, and parties were at the centre of the KOMODO world, putting on infamous parties, quickly building up a reputation for the brand.

Celebrities like Jamiroquoi and The Spice Girls used to wear KOMODO in the early days, and our clothes featured heavily on Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Beach’ which summed up the KOMODO travelling and backpacking lifestyle. We even provided the simple black T shirt worn by Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Tombraider.