For over 14 years Mónica Lavandera, the company’s founder and creative director, has been offering garments that she herself has designed and patterned.

Lavandera has its own vocabulary of shapes and volumes that define the brand’s unique character. The company embraces the idea of a continuous collection in which the timelessness of garments depends on the wearer rather than passing trends.

The company has been committed to sustainability since its founding. We firmly believe in protecting the planet – from the selection of materials to the final finished product.

Here are some of the keys to understanding LAVANDERA’s role in encouraging greater responsibility to people and the planet:

Buy locally

Sound familiar? Well, that’s our philosophy at Lavandera. All our suppliers are based in Europe.

Made in Spain

Because it is important to generate wealth within the country. And because the more our clothes travel, the more we pollute.

Limited edition

All our garments carry a limited-edition number. This way, the customer knows exactly how many pieces have been made in each design. LAVANDERA is a brand for collectors. We do not have unlimited quantities. We manufacture conscientiously only for our stores. No STOCK and no online sales.