Fair & Slow Fashion from Berlin

Want to know more about WiDDA?
Well then: I am Sabine Kelle, graduate designer, originally from Berlin and WiDDA is my label. All designs are still made in my studio in Berlin Friedrichshain. Slow, fair and sustainable is WiDDA’s priority.

The WiDDA Team

Transparency towards our customers is very important to us. Not only regarding the sustainable origin of the materials, but also who is working behind the scenes of the WiDDA family.
behind the scenes. Here we would like to introduce our team to you:

  • Sabine is the head of WiDDA. She designs, takes care of the production, marketing, B2B and generally the big picture.
  • Our working student Anna is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in fashion design. She takes care of sewing, customers and our store.
  • Doreen and Katja are in training to become textile and fashion seamstresses. They help with the the realization of the collection and in the store.
  • Kimi we take care of her baccalaureate in the field of design. She decorates our store and supports us in the area of social media.
  • Serena is responsible for the online store, social media and marketing. She is a studied fashion designer and is happy to help you in the store and in customer support with words and deeds.
The Look

You don’t want off-the-peg fashion, but an individual statement with your look? with your look? Welcome to WiDDA! We do not follow short-lived trends. WiDDA is courageous, unique and spirited – like the Aries star sign.

The design language is refreshingly straightforward. Asymmetries and practical details underline the typical look. Perfect for all those who value individuality and sustainability. Because we want to accompany women in all situations of life, some models are suitable as breastfeeding fashion, others are suitable to a certain extent as maternity wear. We offer fashion in sizes S (36) to XL (44/46).


The selection of our basic materials (fabrics and ingredients) is one of the most important factors for the slow fashion fashion label WiDDA. We consciously use sustainable materials for our collections (organic cotton, TencelTM, Modal, Linen), which originate from environmentally friendly productions and in the long term are neither harmful to nature or in the recycling process of the clothing.

We purchase fabrics and materials from European companies that have the appropriate certificates such as ÖkoTex100, GOTS and GRS. The ingredients, i.e. what is needed for the production as well (yarns, buttons, ribbons, interlinings, zippers, etc.) are also included.

Thus we can guarantee that our products are free of harmful substances and do not cause any long-term damage even after their and do not cause any long-term damage even after their lifetime. We offer our customers the highest possible transparency when buying. That is why we inform about the origin, production and essential values of our models on our labels. EU or Germany, fair production, or whether the product is vegan, for example. or whether it is a vegan product, for example. We also point out possible additional benefits as breastfeeding or maternity wear.

On our website, we also provide an overview of our TEXTILE LEXICON, which contains information about our fabrics, such as TencelTM, Modal and Co., their care and essential properties.

Fair production

The production of our collections takes place in two places, in Berlin and in Legnica (Poland). Samples, small series, WiDDA exclusive articles, accessories and custom-made items are produced in our in our studio in Berlin. Higher quantities are sewn by our tailor shop in Legnica. Thus we secure local fair wages and working conditions, which we can control and check. and check.

At the same time we save long ways and can keep the CO2 emission low. Because we production outside Europe, which are often transported by ship or plane.

Environment & Resources

For our shipping we use climate neutral shipping like GoGreen from DHL. We ship plastic-free and use shipping boxes, packaging and filling materials, carrier bags, hangtags, etc. made from recycled paper. A use of reusable shipping material with the company Repaq is in the test phase. In addition, we share deliveries & shipments to/from production together with other brands producing there to save producing brands in order to save CO2. Since we do not source synthetic cushioning material ourselves, it is sourced from received shipments and recycled PET or corn starch.

Packaging & Advertising

Natural, reused and rapidly renewable raw materials such as recycled cotton, paper, re-polyester and meadow grass is used in our packaging, labels and presentation presentation materials.